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Wine Tasting Experience at Castello di Verrazzano in Chianti

Immerse yourself in the magic of Tuscan wines with a tour and tasting at Castello di Verrazzano, nestled amidst the hills of Chianti.

Castle Tour: Begin your journey with a captivating guided tour of Castello di Verrazzano, one of the oldest and most renowned wineries in the region. Explore the ancient vineyards, historic cellars, and atmospheric surroundings of the castle, while discovering its fascinating history and winemaking tradition dating back centuries.

Wine Tasting: After the tour, delight your palate with a guided tasting of the exquisite wines of Castello di Verrazzano. Sample a selection of Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva, and Supertuscan wines, while expert sommeliers guide you through their unique flavor profiles and distinctive characteristics.

Enchanting Views: Enjoy breathtaking views of the gentle hills of Chianti as you taste the wines of Castello di Verrazzano. Admire the vineyards stretching to the horizon and breathe in the fresh air of the Tuscan countryside, as you immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of this wine region.

Unforgettable Experience: Contact us for an unforgettable wine experience at Castello di Verrazzano, where history, tradition, and passion for wine blend into a perfect harmony. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of its vineyards and the goodness of its wines, while discovering the timeless charm of Chianti.


📆 Period: every day (wine production on Sept - Oct) 🚐 Max passengers per car: 8 👨‍✈ Language: EN - JPN - IT  📍 Pick up: at your Hotel

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