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Horse Experience and Vernaccia Tasting in San Gimignano

Explore the beauty of the Tuscan hills on horseback and delight your palate with the renowned Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine in a tour that will take you through the adventure and taste of the Tuscan countryside.

Horseback Riding Tour through the Hills: Start your day with a charming horseback riding tour through the picturesque hills of San Gimignano. Ride through golden vineyards, green olive groves, and breathtaking panoramas as you immerse yourself in the pristine nature and serenity of the Tuscan countryside. With expert guides by your side, you'll explore scenic trails and hidden corners of this enchanted land.

Vernaccia Tasting and Lunch: After the horseback riding experience, indulge in a Vernaccia tasting at a renowned winery in San Gimignano. Savor the delicate aromas and fresh flavors of this dry white wine as you discover the secrets of its production. Afterwards, delight your palate with a delicious Tuscan lunch paired with the finest wines from the winery, enjoying dishes made with fresh and genuine ingredients from the region.

Contact us for an unforgettable experience that combines the excitement of equestrian adventure with the culinary delights of San Gimignano, offering you an authentic immersion into Tuscan culture and tradition.


💵 Extra: cost of the Experience + Wine tasting or lunch (+110€ pp - include taxes)

📆 Period: From March 1st to October 31st

🚐 Max passengers per car: 8

👨‍✈ Language: EN - IT

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