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Spiritual Discovery: Assisi with Lunch and Perugia Tour

Embark on a soul-stirring journey through the spiritual heart of Umbria, exploring the historic town of Assisi with a delicious lunch included, followed by an adventure in the vibrant city of Perugia.

Assisi: Our day begins in the enchanting town of Assisi, renowned as the birthplace of St. Francis and St. Clare. Explore the cobblestone streets of the medieval old town, filled with centuries of history and spirituality. Visit the magnificent Basilica of St. Francis, adorned with stunning frescoes by Giotto and Cimabue, and pay homage to the serene Basilica of St. Clare. Afterward, enjoy a delightful lunch at a traditional trattoria, savoring the flavors of Umbrian cuisine while surrounded by the timeless beauty of Assisi.

Perugia: After lunch, we journey to the bustling city of Perugia, perched atop a hill with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Explore the historic center, where ancient Etruscan walls mingle with Renaissance palaces and medieval churches. Stroll along the Corso Vannucci, the city's main thoroughfare, and discover hidden gems such as the underground city of Rocca Paolina. Sample the renowned Perugian chocolates and gelato, indulging in the sweet delights of this vibrant city.

Contact us for a day of spiritual reflection, culinary delights, and cultural exploration as we uncover the treasures of Assisi and Perugia.


📆 Period: every day

🚐 Max passengers per car: 8

👨‍✈ Language: EN - JPN - IT  📍 Pick up: at your Hotel

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