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Journey between Ancient Cities: San Gimignano and Volterra

Explore two historical gems of Tuscany on a tour that will take you through the fascinating medieval streets of San Gimignano and the ancient ruins of Volterra.

San Gimignano: Begin your adventure in the "city of beautiful towers," San Gimignano, where medieval architecture and ancient charm blend into breathtaking scenery. Lose yourself in the narrow cobblestone streets, admiring the majestic towers and discovering the hidden treasures of this fortified town. Savor artisanal gelato in local gelaterias and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view from the top of the towers.

Volterra: Continue your journey to Volterra, an Etruscan city rich in history and culture. Admire the archaeological remains and ancient walls that testify to the glorious past of this city. Explore its charming alleys, visiting historical sites such as the Roman Amphitheatre and the Volterra Cathedral. Enjoy the authentic atmosphere and local craftsmanship, perhaps by visiting one of the alabaster workshops to see skilled artisans at work.

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the ancient cities of San Gimignano and Volterra, where history comes to life in every corner and the beauty of centuries past continues to enchant today's visitors.


📆 Period: every day

🚐 Max passengers per car: 8

👨‍✈ Language: EN - JPN - IT 📍 Pick up: at your Hotel

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